Emancipatory Journalism

 As developed by Professor Hemant Shah and as practiced/expanded by Prof. Jared Ball, I strive to write in the tradition of “emancipatory journalism”

Emancipatory Journalism:

1)  Presupposes that inequality and oppression exist and that there are (neo)colonies and colonized populations requiring a form of journalism that is: 

 2)  “Bottom-up.” Central to Emancipatory Journalism’s concept of “good journalism” are the perspectives of those most oppressed – those members of the communities themselves, as opposed to government or business officials and elites, and;

3)   Emancipatory Journalism argues that notions of “objectivity” must be critiqued, if not entirely discarded, in favor of clearly identified, studied, researched perspectives that advocate radical re-ordering of societies. (Emancipatory Journalism Model, first published by Shah, 2007 and here reprinted from I Mix What I LIke., p. 128).

I strive to write in this tradition

Some days, I am dead-spot-on

Some days, I miss it by a mile

But I keep at it

I have no choice